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For three generations we have been growing wheat in Santa Luce, on the green Tuscan hills overlooking the sea south of Livorno. A long tradition in the production of ancient and historical grains in a land particularly suited for this type of cultivation.

Since 2013 we have started to produce pasta directly from our wheat, obtaining an organic product, tasty and full of flavor, with excellent digestibility and with high protein parameters.


On the edge of a characteristic hilly landscape and on the edge of a Mediterranean wood, there are countless and splendid centenary olive groves.

In this natural paradise, dominated by a hill (400 asl) besieged by olive trees, there are the olive groves of the “La Ghiraia” company, illuminated by the sun and irradiated by the climate of the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea.

The oil is obtained from cultivars of Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino.


We produce 3 types of Millefiori honey:


Specialty based on organic honey and bitter cocoa. Without preservatives or dyes. Without preservatives or dyes. Without additives, without lactose, without eggs or gluten.It can be used as a spread or as a sweetener for milk and coffee, or as a topping on ice cream.

Organic spring wildflower honey

Organic honey produced on the Pisan hills, collects the honey of the blooms that go from April to June (acacia, heather, alfalfa, sulla, bramble). It has a very sweet and delicate taste, slightly fruity and almondy.

BIO summer wildflower

Organic honey produced on the Pisan hills. A very fragrant and aromatic honey, with a medium intense fruity taste. It collects the nectar of the blooms that go from June to August (bramble, lime, coriander, clover, sunflower, alfalfa).


Stone ground Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour. Organic product.

The durum wheat variety Senatore Cappelli is a precious ancient variety that has not undergone alterations due to modern techniques of genetic manipulation. The flavor, aromas and nutritional contents have been preserved unchanged over time. It is rich in nutritional elements such as lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and for this reason experts attribute to this flour a high tolerability.


Organic hulled spelled produced and packaged in Val d’Orcia by the Bertoli farm. Spelled is the least caloric cereal of all and thanks to its high protein content, combined with legumes, it is suitable for single dishes. Useful for slowing down hunger and regulating intestinal transit.


Verna is an ancient variety of wheat of Tuscan origin, currently widespread in Valdichiana and Val d’Orcia. Its name derives from Monte Verna in Casentino, where it was cultivated in the past by the Casentino friars. Appreciated in the past, it was then forgotten for years, because it was less productive than modern varieties.

The soft wheat of the “Verna” variety is characterized by a modest protein content, which makes it particularly interesting for those with food intolerances.


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