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“A stay in this ancient village in the heart of Tuscany,
surrounded by a breathtaking landscape with the aromas and flavors.”

Santa Luce

15 km from the sea



The wood of the Holy Light not uniformly covers the hills, but rather presents an ecological diversity of plant species determined from time to time prevailing.

oak forests
In some areas of the wood is characterized by a structure with compact plant development in height reduced. Generally among the other plant species present there arbutus, mastic, myrtle. In other parts of the forest of Santa Luce this particular ecological habitat occurs with plants increased in height by and between the trees you can see majestic maples and oaks from the trunk.

Mixed woods of holm oak
Significant presence of deciduous species, present the hornbeam, the cork-oak.

oak forests
together with the dominant species grow oak, oak, rowan, maple and others. Involved in the development tree of these forests including beech and maple.

Mixed woods of oak and hornbeam
The two dominant species are accompagnao with maple, rowan and ash.


Can not even describe briefly fauna as varied and vastly distributed. The animal population of the area is the most typical Mediterranean vegetation. For bird watchers point out a rich population of birds.
Some examples: Cirl Bunting, Nightingale, hoopoe, golden oriole, cruises, green woodpecker, sparrowhawk, buzzard, kestrel, owl, tawny owl, woodcock, Chiffchaff,
There are also many mammals: deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, weasel, skunk, owl, weasel, fox, hare, hedgehog, porcupine, badger, mole.


Excerpts from 'Crespina, Fauglia, S. Light, Lorenzana. Castles of the Pisan Hills Lower. 'CLD Publisher - Fornacette 2001.

The book is the reissue of 'Odeporico or is route to the hills of Pisa' - 1799. Author: John Husbands

The name of S. Light also seems clear by the examination of certain documents, a name that is corrupt S. Lucia, then so called, because when beginning to emerge, and extends in the population, there was already here as a parish under the title seems like there is at present. And if it was to believe that there is coll'erezione of a church in Christian freedom, some succumb to this most ancient name of St. Lucy the Castle, above the expected fort which was equipped with the place.

S. Light was one of the first castles Maremma Pisa in 1406, which is called to arms of the Florentines. Michael of John and of St. Peter of Pitto Light and were Mayors and City Attorneys of that which marked the submission. The Pisans in 1496 regained the place, but that year the Florentines camped under it, and November 30, or shortly after, I received back in their power, and that was when they dismantled the fortress.

Compared to the economic, S. Light was always separate from Lari, and formed a community regardless of itself alone, to which were attached also the municipalities of the parish and Noodles. But in 1776 this new compartment of the Provincial Municipality with such adnexa was met then the community of Lares.

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