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“A stay in this ancient village in the heart of Tuscany,
surrounded by a breathtaking landscape with the aromas and flavors.”

Pasta Bertoli

PASTA BERTOLI, a good ambassador of our land

The business "La Ghiraia" is proud to present "Pasta Bertoli" which is a good ambassador of our land.

Our craft produced past is made with the best "hard" flour produced locally following old traditions.

The flour is worked with small machinery in copper rather than Teflon and the time of drying is considerably longer than the pasta produced industrially. This results in better, genuine taste, in the best Tuscan tradition.

La Ghiraia cutivates good, hard wheat since the so's with appropriate methods to produce a flour which will result in excellent pasta.


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La Ghiraia - Via Franata 18 - 56040 Pastina di Santa Luce - Tel 050 685652
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