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“A stay in this ancient village in the heart of Tuscany,
surrounded by a breathtaking landscape with the aromas and flavors.”

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The production philosophy dell'Az. Agr. The Ghiraia is based on the belief that our established and proven oil extra virgin olive oil to be the most authentic expression of our original territory healthy and uncontaminated.
At the edge of a characteristic hilly landscape and the edge of a Mediterranean forest, there are numerous and beautiful olive trees.
In this natural paradise, dominated by a hill (400 m asl) besieged by olive trees, are the olive groves of "The Ghiraia", illuminated by the sun (and emitted by the atmosphere) near the Tyrrhenian Sea.
"Climate and seasons impress our oil that their special nature: a unique food inimitable located in the heart of Tuscany" Oil is obtained from cultivars Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino.
The environmental conditions of our land, are the exhibitions open and airy, which combined with the characteristics of the soil (clayey-calcareous prefer, typical of our olive groves), are the basic elements of the quality of extra virgin ' oil.

The extra virgin olive oil comes from olives Ghiraia The healthy, fresh, picked a point of maturity calculated to give it certain characteristics of flavor, it is an absolutely pure ... a philosophy that emphasizes quality from the very beginning.
The collection is carried out by manual stripping, in the months of October and November, the olives are processed promptly, so as to capture the freshness and fruitiness, by the process of extraction is still cold below 26 ° C (temperature optimal), with a crusher last generation technology, hygiene and food safety.
The low acidity of our oil, the high degree of digestibility, organoleptic and nutritional components, we also recommend the use in diets, feeding of children and the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
The Farm "The Ghiraia" implementing for many years, an agri-environmental program for the control and reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
The appreciation of the company and its products, have the incentive to continue with commitment and passion in the pursuit of excellence.

" A single territory of origin in Tuscany, for an oil of excellence and high quality"


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La Ghiraia - Via Franata 18 - 56040 Pastina di Santa Luce - Tel 050 685652
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