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“A stay in this ancient village in the heart of Tuscany,
surrounded by a breathtaking landscape with the aromas and flavors.”

Famiglia Bertoli - Farmers

development, quality and environmental


The company The Ghiraia was born, specializing in mechanical farming. Over the years dedicated to this activity has basically followed the technological development that transformed agriculture from a work done only by the forces of human and animal work in which the machines and help increase profitability.
Thus, for example, Bertoli introduced in the 50s the first tractor and the use of the first threshing machines to stationary. Between the '50s and '60s began using a self-leveling combine, a machine that has become common use today.

Quality and environmental

The development business led the last generation of the family to take a direct farming, buying or renting land, diversification of types of cultivation and rotational agriculture following the rules.

Controlled agriculture

Over the years the farm Bertoli has consistently pursued a policy that wants to match the quality of the product to comply with the laws of nature, thus approaching more and more to the new EU regulations whose purpose is the low environmental impact. Until you get to the point of getting crops to pest management and an integrated farming, that is, parameters to be met, use of organic fertilizers. Everything for traceability and product quality.

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La Ghiraia - Via Franata 18 - 56040 Pastina di Santa Luce - Tel 050 685652
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